How do you book an auction? It’s easy with Henke Auction Service! 

  • Contact Henke Auction Service and make an appointment.
  • Richard will assess your items and compile a listing for advertisements.
  • You will decide if your auction will be held at your home/farm/business or if the items need to be moved to a rented facility.
  • You and Richard will discuss possible dates for your auction and the costs involved.
  • Henke Auction Service will advertise your auction in the media of your choice. The cost of advertising is deducted from the sale total.
  • Richard will deliver flatbed trailers to the auction site the week of the auction.  You will display your items and we will take are of the rest!


DSC00726Our Equipment:  Henke Auction Service is well-equipped to perform your auction needs. We have a mobile office unit to house our cashier and equipment, show here.

We have two state-of-the-art sound systems to provide high-quality performance.

Henke Auction Service can also make arrangements with a moving crew to move items to a different location or to move your larger items from your home to the auction area.